Parineeti Chopra frustrated at the male gender for being ignorant about periods[X]

Omg this is epic

If this isnt love what is.

Counting each day just for you to come back.
Waiting for the days to fly by just in time for you to say hi.
Checking up on you cos theres no other way to know if youre ok.
Missing you even when i am meant to be engrossed in something else.
Trying to come to terms with the feelings that have come about.
Cribbing about why you did this to me and why you wouldnt just drop the act already.

And then.

A month later being able to speak to you as tears roll down my eyes.
How blessed do i feel that just the other day i was crying out of pain and today out of happiness…all because of you.
How yesterday i was miserable and missing you and waiting for that day to arrive and how today i wept and thanked God for listening to me.
The smile that came on my face, very few can make that happen.
Most get my attention, but you got my heart.
As cheesy as it may be, its true and i hope this time you dont change one bit.
And i hope this time theres not a moment spent away.
And i cant wait to fall in love with you all over again.

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Varun: He walks in on you watching Devdas and a bemused smile plays on his lips as he eases his way onto the couch. "This is what? The fiftieth time you've seen this film?" You automatically correct him with a snappy retort about how he's seen DDLJ more times than that. Through the entire three hours, he makes wise cracks about the story line and you want to whack him over the head. Later, as the movie is drawing to a close you realize he's gone completely silent and out of curiosity look at him before stifling a smile. He's sniffling at the screen, mouthing the words. Once the movie ends, you turn off the television and wipe his tears away, shushing his embarrassed protests.
Sidharth: It's a film you've both wanted to see for ages but due to his busy schedule and your own workload, the pair of you have never found the time. However one night you come home - two tickets to the film of choice resting on the center table. You turn to see him and shoot him a genuine smile as he leads you to the car. It is exactly the type of romantic gesture you'd expect from him - and the night is nothing less either. He's booked the entire theater just for the both of you so you can watch the movie in peace. Of course, nearing the end of the film you realize that you've spent more time talking to him than paying attention to the screen.
Arjun: ”NO!” You screamed that, moments before something jumped out at the girl on the screen, and you jumped in your seat. You knew it was coming, and yet you still were scared by it. When you sat back down, you dug your head into Arjun’s shoulder, “This is the scariest horror movie ever. I’m going to have nightmares over this.” “Do you want me to turn it off?” he asked, while wrapping his arms tightly around you to comfort you. You snuggled even closer to him, “No, just leave it on. It’s almost over now. Right?” “Yeah, only 20 minutes left,” Arjun replied, but he still reached over for the remote and turned off the TV, choosing instead to hold you closer until you both fell asleep on the futon.
Ranveer: ”The next part is so strange.” Just as the words left your lips, you saw from the corner of your eye that Ranveer was holding back laughter. “What’s so funny?” You asked curiously. As you tilted yourself towards Ranveer, he couldn't help the chuckles escaped him. “[Y/N], you have talked the entire movie. Every second you’re telling me what’s going to happen next, or if it’s good, scary, strange, happy, sad. I think I hear you more than I hear the movie.” You didn't realized you had been doing that, but now that he pointed it out, every little thing you had said popped into your head. “Sorry, I’ll shut up.” He shook his head, “No don’t. I enjoy it. I just think it’s funny. Keep telling me about the movie. So you said the next part is strange. Why?
Shahid: “I love this part,” you whispered, as the two main characters in the romantic movie you were watching finally confessed their love for each other. Shahid, who had also been watching the movie before, now had his eyes only on you, “Better than the ending?” “Yeah, this is the best part,” you replied, not glancing away from the screen for even a second. Shahid smiled to himself, as he watched you engrossed in your favorite part, of one of your favorite movies. It was not necessarily the movie he would have chose to watch, he preferred to watch you instead, every laugh, every word, everything that left your lips and brightened his day because ultimately you were what mattered to him the most and as the credits start to roll, he leaned in press his lips to your forehead.
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this baby is gonna have one hell of a story to tell when he’s older

Doesnt this remind you of baby’s day out???? That movie????


the only people who call me cute live 7000 miles away



A prototype computerized phone that was designed by Apple in the early 1980′s

omg this is some 2050 level tech. so cool. you know what the problem with me is. i want this. but at the same time i want one of them retro dialler landlines. if only there was a mix between the two. imagine.

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Scarlett Johansson is a Zionist and supports Israel

stop reblogging pictures of her genocide-loving face

also is the current PR face of an Israeli corporation with factories built on illegally occupied Palestinian land and tapping Palestinian water reserves in order to bottle and sell them

so not just a Zionist, she also directly profits off the continuation of Palestinian oppression

what really? :o


relatable posts on your dash!

listen up 3953938 crushes and hey…you.


some things will never change right?


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